Thursday, January 29, 2015

About This Blog - Orchid Care for Beginners

"Growing orchids is easy!"

How many times have you heard that - only to come away even more depressed because you're just beginning and all your plants are struggling   ..... actually clinging to life itself.

And this is supposed to be easy?

You've tried everything. You've gone to the web to learn about orchid care for beginners, and then got even more disheartened because most of the information you found is contradictory or confusing!

Time to give up?


It's time to get off the struggle bus though ...  and I can to help.

Hi, I'm Jeree Harms, The Hydroponics Guy. I started out the same way. Everyone did. Don't be embarrassed for a minute about what you don't know. 

Here's a little secret, "we were all orchid killers before we became orchid growers". In the the beginning, growing orchids is NOT easy!" 

This blog is going to be about Orchid Care for Beginners. No fancy stuff here. I'm going to grow a variety of orchids at home, just like you would. You'll see everything I do - and I'll try my best to explain why I'm doing it. Follow along and together we'll enjoy all the frustrations and rewards that come with one of the most fascinating hobbies there is, growing orchids. 

I'll buy plants from orchid shows, mail order websites, and even the sale bench at Home Depot. All plants will be grown hydroponically of course, so I'll show you how to transfer every plant we work with into our hydroponic system! 

All the equipment I'll use will either be available on our website ( or at your local hardware store.

I'm excited about showing you how to grow orchids with our hydroponic system. Our system is simple and easy to use, especially for beginners. You'll see how much easier it is than growing in bark, moss, and all that other stuff.

We'll start from a beginners perspective, using common plants that you can grow. We'll be looking for plants that are durable growers that will bloom year after year. The simple stuff.

Everything in this blog will come from actual trail and error - not from theories or what should happen. We're going to grow award winning plants, step by step, at home! 

So, without further ado, let's get started!